mothers day

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It’s that time of year again, a time to celebrate all of those special women in our lives – whether they be our biological mothers, grandmothers, aunties, sisters, adopted mums or friends. We all have someone we look to as our ‘mother’; the first person we think of when we’re sad, receive good news, or the pair of ears we need when we want to unload about a particularly hard day.

I have been extremely lucky in the universe’s decision to send my mum to me, and when i say extremely lucky, I actually mean I literally won the cosmic lottery while I was in the womb (getting the picture yet?). If you haven’t yet had the good fortune of meeting my mum, i’d like to go into detail of what exactly you’re missing out on.


From the day I was born it has always been the two of us. With my dad not really in the picture, and my mum having me at a tender 25 years old we were thrown together in what people on the outside saw as a broken household, but in reality we formed a stronger connection than most will encounter in their whole lifetime. As I ‘grew up’ (and started to think I had an answer for everything – bear in mind I was between 13-16 years old) I tried to stray away from our relationship, which at the time I felt was too much for such an ‘independent child who don’t need no support’ (other than food, shelter, clothes, love, and everything else), and being so wrapped up in my own selfish pursuits I allowed myself to dismiss the most important person in my life. My mum, being the level headed and supportive angel she is, sat back and let me discover all of this for myself -with a few gentle helpers thrown in- and by the time I hit 17 I had completed a personality 360 and came to the difficult realisation that I was very young, very naive, and very much needed my mum.


Over time, it became not so much about needing my mum (although I always will) but more so wanting to have her around. She has helped me grow up into the person I am today, but also managed to maintain the childlike pleasure I take in life; all the silly faces, lame jokes, and laughing fits never going amiss. All of the lessons I have picked up along the way have been lovingly left, like little breadcrumbs to help me on my journey. Through all the heartbreaks, tears, achievements, and success my mama has been by my side the entire time. All of this, of course, never would have happened without the immense sacrifices my mum has made so I can have the beautiful life I am currently living. I have never wanted for a single thing in my lifetime, never felt like I had less than others, and always have a full tummy, heart, and spirit. Over time, my mum has become my best friend and confidant, a rare relationship I have found in times like these.

I know for a lot of you this all sounds fairly standard, you’re sitting there thinking, yes, and? But the reality is, a lot of young women and men don’t have the same luxury as we definitely do and I am ashamed to say I sometimes catch myself taking it for granted. To tell you the truth, I am extremely privileged to be supported (in every way possible) not only by an incredible mother, but surrounded by equally amazing women as role models. It is safe to say I have never spent a day in my life feeling unloved and for that I am truly grateful.


Mother’s Day is not limited to the living either, it is also a time to reflect and remember our Mothers who will not be with us in person on Sunday, rather watching over us in spirit.

So take this day (although you should be appreciating your mama on all days) and join with me in saying, Thank you Mum. I can honestly say everything I am today has got to do with you. You are an incredibly special woman, and I hope one day I am able to return the favour and give you all the things you definitely deserve.

I will love you forever.


Your Baby.