With the First of January a small 48 hours away, I can truthfully say I am happy to see the back of 2015 and will be welcoming 2016 with a smile on my face an open arms.


This has been a massive year for many reasons – I moved out of home, moved back, left Uni, started working full time, got my work published in a magazine and started really putting everything I have into Oh She Writes. These are all the things which are making me over-the-moon excited for what is in store for me next year; I have so many things in development that will be coming to fruition during 2016 and projects that I have already started that will gain even more momentum as I transition over to the new year.

After reading both my horoscope and Chinese zodiac, I have no doubt in my mind that next year will be one of good fortune and massive milestones in my life – not that this year didn’t come with its own set of milestones – but there are truly life defining times ahead and I cannot be more positive about them even if I tried!

For me, moving into a new year is all about new beginnings and fresh starts, without losing the essence of what got you there in the first place. So, my question to you all is: What will you be taking into 2016 and what will be left in 2015?

This can be a personal journey, a certain someone, goals, resolutions, and anything else you can think of! You are not limited by objects or emotions when you are answering this – you can put anything on your list, no right or wrong answers.

When I was making my lists I wrote all the things I would be carrying over with me on a beautiful piece of paper, decorated it with stickers, pictures and poured as much love into it as possible. I then hung it on my wall (personal preference, you can put it in your diary or even under your pillow! The possibilities are endless!) right next to my mirror so I could see it in plain sight every single day. I smiled at it, hugged it and said a little affirmation so it could be filled with as much positive energy as I could conjure up.

On the flip side to that, as I wrote the list of things I would be leaving behind, I scribbled them out as fast as I could, getting them out of my system and onto paper. After I was done I took my time reading over these things and reflected on why I was leaving them behind and looking toward the benefits that would come from this. I wasn’t sad or nostalgic or hesitant when I did this – which was a first for me – I then folded the paper up, took it outside and set it on fire! I inhaled 2015 and as I exhaled, I threw the remainders of my paper up into the wind and watched them as they disappeared.

Man did it feel good!

Keep in m ind when you are making your lists, you can dispose of your negatives in any way that resonates with you; I just know (through a lot of trial and error) that this is what works for me. The only thing that is imperative you do, is get rid of the paper, otherwise all of the stuff you are trying to leave behind will end up sticking around.

Have a go at this little ritual and tag #OSWNewYear on Facebook and Instagram so I can see how you all went!

I am so excited for what next year is going to bring, not only for me, but for Oh She Writes as well.

Thank you so much for your continued support over the last year and I cannot wait for 2016.

What are you looking forward to next year?

Mega love, happiness and good vibes – see you in the New Year!